Englisch wird an der KSA als Grundlagenfach geführt.

English at the KSA

English is taught at the KSA as a Grundlagenfach during all the four years of Gymnasium. In the first and second years, we mainly work with a course book to teach and practice the fundamental grammatical structures and basic vocabulary of the language. We are presently using course books, moving from intermediate level in the first year to upper-intermediate in the second. We also read literary texts (from simplified to original) and we listen to and discuss songs and read and recite poems. From the beginning we try to pay special attention to the rhythm and intonation of the language in order to give to our students a sense of the distinctive music of English speech.

In years three and four we move away from coursebook work to place more emphasis on active use of the language. We discuss and write on different aspects of everyday life and we read and analyze prose texts (newspaper articles, short stories and novels), plays and poetry. Students are required to read and report on a minimum of one text a year privately. In the process we review old grammar, introduce more advanced structures and develop vocabulary. Our primary aim is to improve all aspects of communicative skills: our students must be able to express themselves competently both orally and in writing. Nevertheless, we also try to broaden their awareness of the culture, history and literature of the main English-speaking societies. We proceed from texts and topics of general interest in third year to more serious literature and the history of literature in the fourth.

In addition to everyday lessons we offer special events that may well be the highlights of many a student’s recollection of English at the KSA. From time to time we stage poetry readings, plays and musical performances in our auditorium. We arrange excursions to local productions of English-language drama. For several years now optional FCE (Cambridge First Certificate) and CAE (Cambridge Advanced) courses have been attractive supplements to our program. If you are more ambitious than the average student and keen on improving your English skills, and if you want to test those skills against an international standard, the ‘First’ and maybe even the ‘Advanced’ is a must for you. Last but by no means least, a two- or three-week language course in Cambridge is integrated in the KSA’s third-year curriculum. All of these extra events provide an added stimulus to learn the lingua franca of the 21st century.


Link zum Advanced-Bericht 2007/08

Link zum Advanced-Bericht 2008/09


Daniela Imfeld, Fachvorstand

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